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" 'Cyberwars: David Knight Goes to Moscow' has modern appeal...and concludes with several moral uncertainties  "

 David Steinberg ,ABQ Journal


"This novel has everything: espionage, double agents, romance and the great Southwest....The author knows the story he is telling. He's lived it....Compelling protagonist...antagonists fleshed."

Rob Spiegel, author.

"...a thriller reminiscent of Cold War spy novels.... Well done."

Donald T. Morgan, author.

"The book is timely and forward thinking....David Knight ...finds love and self through encounters with the cultures of Russia and New Mexico."

Jane MacNeil, writer.

"An excellent character study. Highly recommended."

Kathy Grassel, writer


"A timely novel of renewed tension between superpowers."

Greg Lauer, writer.


Cyberwars is the story of a broken professor who is sent to spy on Russia by the CIA and accidentally discovers that Russia is preparing a cyberwar against the US. He mobilizes a counter effort and becomes whole again.


Avraham Shama is the author of many works including

Cyberwars, Finding Home: An Immigrant Journey, and Immigration Without Integration.  He taught international business and consumer psychology as a professor at the University of New Mexico and a is a consultant on issues of technology innovation, transfer, and management, economic impact of the arts and business management.


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